Hi, my name is Cécile Seenivasagam. I have both french and sri lankan origines and I grew up between these two cultures, having an attraction for oriental spiritualities at a very young age. I traveled to different countries in Asia in search of answers to my existential questions, hoping to get closer to an inner freedom that I intuited.

One of the turning points was my first trip to India where retreats of silence and meditation led me to strengthen my commitment on the spiritual path, particularly in Nidrā Yoga (yoga of dream and conscious sleep) which is rooted in the traditions of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta.

I then met the Lakota (Native Americain) tradition and discovered another aspect of the connection to the universe and to the earth thanks to this tribe.

Becoming a mother has been a real upheaval in my life. From then on, I studied and deepened my research in child psychology and anthropology. I also had the chance to find “resource” persons (spiritual teachers, lactation consultant, mums) to guide me in the face of the ordeals I was going through since the birth of my daughter.

Today I strive to do the same for families in search of conscious and instinctive parenting, rooted in the wisdom of humanity.

For more information on Nidrâ Yoga, please visit: https://nidrayogini.wixsite.com/karuna